I researched and designed several key workflows of this mobile wallet app for iOS and Android. (2014)


O2 Germany wanted a wallet app for both Android & iOS, allowing users to add credit and loyalty cards, shop online and receive special offers which they could pay for using their mobile phones.

Project goals:

  • Increase mobile NFC payments in Germany
  • Increase the take up of offers for o2 customers

My role

I was a UX/UI Designer as part of a 10 man team including one:

  • Project Manager
  • 2 UX/ UI Designers
  • 4 Visual Designers
  • 4 Engineers (across both iOS and Android)

Audience & research

We conducted user interviews to understand the barriers users had in using their mobile phone for payments. We found that there was mistrust in the security of their data although the idea of carrying around fewer cards appealed to users.

Users were interested in the idea of a wallet that held loyalty, payment cards that also stored special offers.

UX Design

I designed key user flows for onboarding new users, the app's home screen and the NFC payment process.

As storing credit card details on a phone wasn’t a common pattern, we decided to use skeuomorphs of real credit cards to build a familiar mental model of what the app was for and what it could do.

For our home screen, we designed an app based around tiles that encouraged exploration of uniques offers, as well as tying together the shopping and wallet functions.

Exploration of different sizes of tiles
Editable tile-based UI allowing for users to customise their home screen

I also worked on payment flow for NFC card payment on Android.

This involved many iterations of design and lots of edge cases to work out.

NFC payment flow, with PIN backup and error states

We prototyped these using Sketch and Marvel, before conducting user testing sessions and iterating following feedback.

UI Design

I designed the UI for the user flows that I had prototyped, developing the apps look and feel, as well as working with Engineers to implement the designs.

Initial home screen
Card wallet
Offer added to home screen
NFC payment screen
Payment complete


The app was well received with users following final user testing and was launched in Germany.

Unfortunately, Apple Pay and Android Pay both appeared soon after launch so the app never really achieved it's usage goals.

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